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The Over the Shoulder Water Bottle Holder Lanyard Story

The Over the Shoulder Water Bottle Holder Lanyard™ is a terrific way to enjoy your time at Disney.  Not only is it a great way to display your awesome pin collection for everyone to see, it has a handy plastic water bottle holder built in!

This lanyard's unique design hangs diagonally across your chest and down to your waist.

The Over the Shoulder Bottle Holder Lanyard™ has tons of  features:

  • Adjustable sliding buckle to fit your body perfectly.
  • Built-in water bottle holder that fits typical drink bottles up to 750 ml.
  • Will not tire your neck like a traditional "around your neck" lanyard.
  • Show off your cool pins with pride- great for pin trading.
  • Keeps your pin-laden lanyard from bouncing as you walk with water bottle at your side.
  • Made of washable, durable 1" poly webbing in case of a drink or yummy treat spillage.
  • Comes in an array of eye catching fashion colors.

We came up with this design because we wanted to enjoy the Park as hands-free as possible. 

You can carry your water bottle with you and not worry about misplacing it.  You will  have free hands to walk around and munch down on treats at the same time.

Another great benefit is that it is so comfortable.  You slip the drink holder ring over your bottled drink which acts as a counter weight to your lanyard.  The over the shoulder feature makes you forget you are wearing a lanyard until someone points to one of your attached, cool pins!

And if you don't collect pins, its main purpose to carry a bottled drink hands-free makes the Over the Shoulder Water Bottle Holder Lanyard™ worth the price.

They make terrific gifts, too.  Surprise your friends and family with a pre-trip package that includes this smart lanyard for Disney.  Or give a lanyard to someone that enjoys:

  • walking and hiking
  • charity walks
  • golf tournaments
  • festivals 

The Over the Shoulder Water Bottle Holder Lanyard™ can only be purchased here online at